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New Research: Convincing the C-suite of Social Media’s Benefits

By Alex Parkinson

ThumbnailSocial media, so integral to society and business, is still viewed with skepticism by many senior leaders. This is particularly true in the B2B sector, which has a harder time demonstrating the concrete transactional benefits that result from social media. But those benefits aren’t just about direct advertising or direct revenue generation. In a new report from The Conference Board and the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR), we uncover the range of benefits that companies experience from social media and consider how to better engage the C-suite on the technology’s potential. We also talked to C-suite members at Nielsen, PepsiCo, and United Grinding North America about their social media experience.

Socially Minded: Convincing the C-suite of Social Media’s Benefits draws on interviews with around 20 social media experts and case studies from Thomson Reuters and Mayo Clinic. Among the findings from the report is a list of nine steps to get the C-suite to buy into the value of social media.


In addition, the report suggests that social media needs to be considered more than just a digital communications and marketing tool. It says: “It’s starting to become clear that social media will bring much more sophisticated decision making and efficiency if it is used as a data collection and analysis tool throughout the organization.”

Download the report

The full report is now available for download by members of The Conference Board. In addition, members can access a “CEO Overview,” which illustrates the main points important for company leaders, as well as the “Voice of the C-suite,” Q&As with leaders of Nielsen, PepsiCo, and United Grinding North America.

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This report is the start of an ongoing conversation facilitated by the Communications and Marketing Center and Society for New Communications Research of The Conference Board (SNCR) regarding social media and the C-suite. SNCR will continue to publish  case studies, thought leadership pieces, and best practices on our blog and through our online  publication series, SNCR 2020: Exploring New Communications Tools and Technologies.

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