Dand, Mia

Mia Dand is the CEO of Lighthouse3.com, a Strategy and Research Advisory firm with expertise in digital and emerging technologies. Mia is an experienced data-driven marketing leader who helps F1000 companies innovate at scale and stay relevant by becoming more customer-centric in this disruptive digital age. Mia has built cutting-edge programs for the world’s best-known brands including Google, HP, Symantec, eBay and others.

Posts by Dand, Mia

  • The CMO’s Guide to Influencer Technology in 2017 (02.15.17 )

    By Mia Dand In the constantly changing world of digital and social media, Influencer Marketing is the new black. However, due to the nascency of this space, it’s plagued with hype and chaos. In our latest report, we reviewed the current state of influencer technology in 2017 and highlighted critical considerations for CMOs as they […]

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