Pundyk, Jeff

Jeff Pundyk, former Senior Vice President, Global Integrated Content Solutions, The Economist, has spent his career at the intersection of content, technology and brand-building. Throughout, he's adopted disruptive trends to build and market content-based brands. At The Economist, Jeff focused on developing alternative revenue streams to traditional advertising, including new data-driven products and services based on audience insights and sponsored content programs based on quantitative and qualitative research.

Posts by Pundyk, Jeff

  • SNCR Takes On Fake News (08.01.17 )

    Sending shudders throughout the media and advertising world, Proctor & Gamble cut $140 million dollars in digital ad spending last quarter. The move reflects the company’s concerns over “brand safety,” the fear that their advertising is placed adjacent to unsavory, untrustworthy or untrue content.