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Katie Delahaye Paine is founder and CEO of Paine Publishing, LLC and Publisher of The Measurement Advisor, a newsletter devoted entirely to measurement topics. She has spent the last two decades helping companies define success and design measurement programs for their PR, Social Media and Communications programs. She was a leading force behind The Conclave’s Standards for Social Media Measurement as well as the Barcelona Principles. She founded two research companies and written three books, Measure What Matters (Wiley, March 2011) Measuring Public Relationships (KDPaine & Partners 2007) and Measuring the Networked Nonprofit, Using Data to Change the World, which won the 2013 Terry McAdam Book Award for non-profits. Paine is also a founding member of IPR’s Measurement Commission, a member of the PRNews Measurement Hall of Fame and a board member of the Society for New Communications Research.

Posts by Paine, Katie

  • How to Measure Paid Influence in Four Easy Steps (04.25.17 )

    By Katie Paine Buying influence is nothing new. In the old days, we called paid influencer marketing “paid testimonials.” But today, with the explosive influence of YouTube, it can be a guy in a garage, or a drunk actress in a kitchen. As major brands get burned by some of these “influencers,” we wonder how […]

  • Six Things You Need to Know Before You Get Caught in a Trump Tweetstorm (03.14.17 )

    By Katie Paine Although Twitter has been around for a decade, never in its history has 140 characters had the power and influence it’s enjoyed since November 9th. Sure, when the Pope began tweeting it made headlines. But it didn’t impact markets the way @realdonaldtrump has in the last few months. One outlet estimated that […]

  • What We Didn’t Learn About Social Media Relationships in 2016 (12.19.16 )

    By Katie Paine I promise I’m not going to talk about social media’s impact on the election. That’s been hashed over to death in the media, and you can read all about it here, here, and here. However, I will talk about the impact of the volume and speed with which social media invaded our society […]

  • How To Show Your Contribution to the Bottom Line (06.01.16 )

    By Katie Paine, Founder and CEO, Paine Publishing, and Advisory Board Member, Society for New Communications Research of The Conference Board “I can show a direct connection from this press release to company revenues,” said no communications professional ever. That’s right, I repeat… “Said no-one ever!” If you’re wondering “why not?” one reason is that […]