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David Strom is a world-known expert on networking and communications technologies and a Senior Fellow of The Society for New Communications Research. To subscribe to his newsletter, visit http://list.webinformant.tv/mailman/listinfo/webinformant_list.webinformant.tv
Please also join David on Facebook.com/davidstrom, watch his video product reviews at http://webinformant.tv and follow him on Twitter @dstrom. To view a few of his presentations and to find out more about David’s speaking business, visit http://strom.com.

Posts by Strom, David

  • Apple vs. the FBI: The Son of the Clipper Chip? (03.01.16 )

    By David Strom, Alumni Fellow, Society for New Communications Research of The Conference Board The news reports about the lawsuit between Apple and the FBI over a terrorist’s iPhone is fraught with misinformation and security theater. It has been characterized as privacy’s last stand or as the tech industry’s gift to criminals around the world, […]

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