Fox, Gretchen

I am CEO and Founder at MTO Agency [made to order], a full-service social media agency that brings brands to life online and drives digital sales. I've spent the past 15 years in the Entertainment, Sports and Technology verticals -- and often, the confluence of the three. Prior to launching MTO, I was Vice President of Social Media at Live Nation Entertainment where I built an in-house social agency to service the biggest performing artists in the world and lead the training of over one hundred field marketers across North America. Prior to that, I worked in Silicon Valley tech, where I launched one of the first Social TV technologies in history creating innovative digital experiences for AELTC’s Wimbledon, NBC’s Winter Olympics, IndyCar Race Control properties and more.

Posts by Fox, Gretchen

  • The Social Potential Failure Threatening Companies Everywhere (03.23.17 )

    By Gretchen Fox If a world class social media organization is operating at a level 5, I would confidently wager that the great majority are falling between a 2 and a 3, max. I call organizations that are operating at a Level 5 “STARRs.”

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