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Help Us Benchmark Employee Advocacy

By Jen McClure

JEM Consulting & Advisory Services is conducting its second annual survey to measure organizations’ adoption and management of employee and brand advocacy programs. This longitudinal study explores trends and best practices for program adoption and management, goal setting and measurement, growth, training, and tool usage.

The purpose of the study is to track the adoption and growth of employee advocacy programs, and to provide a useful resource and playbook to teams preparing to launch or who are currently managing an employee advocacy program.

If your organization has an employee advocacy program or is planning to start one this year, PLEASE TAKE THE SURVEY NOW by clicking here.

The survey takes only 5-7 minutes. Thank you in advance for your participation!

The findings will be presented at The Conference Board’s Employee Advocacy Seminar, sponsored by JEM Consulting, which will take place on September 27, 2017 at the American Management Association Conference Center in San Francisco, CA. Hear from 3M, Adobe, FedEx and other leading organizations about how they enable, manage, scale and measure the success their employee advocacy programs.

Save the date or register here:


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