Hebb, Tessa

Dr. Hebb is the Director of the Carleton Centre for Community Innovation, and Executive Director of 1125@Carleton, Carleton University, Canada. Her research focuses on Responsible Investment and Impact Investment is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Government of Canada. The Carleton Centre for Community Innovation is a leading knowledge producer on these topics together with non-profit and philanthropic leadership, northern communities and community economic development. 1125@Carleton is a collaboration and innovation work space at Carleton University. Dr. Hebb received her Doctorate from Oxford University.

Dr. Hebb has is a member of the steering committees of the UN- backed PRI Academic Network, the Heartland Network, Canadian Business Ethics Research Network, the Canadian Social Investment Organization and the Impact Investing Policy Collaborative. She led a four year research project on US Public Sector Pension Fund Investment in Urban Revitalization based at Harvard University and funded by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations (2004-2008). She is a frequent guest speaker on responsible investment issues in both Canada and the US. She has published many books and articles on responsible investing and impact investing policies including the volumes Working Capital: the Power of Labor’s Pensions; No Small Change: Pension Fund Corporate Engagement; and The Next Generation of Responsible Investing.

Posts by Hebb, Tessa

  • What It Means to Be an Impact Investor (03.13.14 )

    By Tessa Hebb, Director, Carleton Centre for Community Innovation, Carleton University and Advisory Board Member, The Conference Board Initiative on Corporate Philanthropy In the first report from The Conference Board’s Giving Thoughts series, Paul Brest and Kelly Born outlined the various concepts of “impact” in impact investing, adding an important publication to the limited academic […]

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