Jarvis, Chris

Chris Jarvis is a co-founder and Senior Partner of Realized Worth, a consulting firm focused on engaging employees in Corporate Citizenship programs. Widely known for his thought-leadership in employee volunteering, workplace giving and corporate social responsibility, Chris was asked by the United Nations Office of Partnerships to design and launch the first private sector led initiative to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through corporate volunteering. This project is now known as Impact2030. Chris serves as the Senior Content Advisor for Impact2030.

Chris writes articles for numerous sites and publications including the popular Realized Worth blog and FastCompany. In addition, Chris contributes to research such as “Mapping Success in Employee Volunteering: The Drivers of Effectiveness for Employee Volunteering and Giving Programs and Fortune 500 Performance” and Elaine Cohen’s book “CSR for HR: A Necessary Partnership for Advancing Responsible Business Practices”. Chris serves as a Points of Light Leadership Faculty and is a sought after speaker for conferences and corporate events around the world.

Prior to co-founding Realized Worth in 2008, Chris spent more than two decades working with non-profits ranging from urban centers in North America to informal settlements in Kenya. These various experiences, including a significant moment of epiphany in Toronto, planted the seed that would eventually grow into the idea that became what Realized Worth is today.

The goal is to help practitioners be more successful – whether they are clients, engaged formally or not. Chris believes the work these men and women do as part of corporate citizenship is critical to addressing the huge social and environmental issues facing our global society.

Posts by Jarvis, Chris

  • Corporate Volunteering: Let’s Have Meaningful Engagement (09.02.15 )

    By Chris Jarvis, Senior Partner, Business Development, Realized Worth Corporate volunteering has the potential to engage employees; yet most programs struggle to build basic awareness and participation, let alone create meaningful engagement. Part of the problem is that management too often expects employees to do the legwork of strategic initiatives, rather than including them in […]

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