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Ethics While Working In Business


The very system of ethical and moral beliefs is something that guides all our values, behaviours and all kinds of decisions that we make in a business organisation. It is also something that drives a lot of individuals, because they have a code that they have to follow. The ethical requirements for businesses are actually coded into law. The environmental regulations that a business has like minimum wage, restrictions against child labour, restrictions against collusion, restrictions against bribes or all under the minimum standards of business ethics. There are many things that qualify as a business ethics, and they change over time. They are also very essential for the proper functioning of a business.

Management teams actually set the tone as to how the entire company runs on a daily basis. When they are using philosophy which are all based on ethical practices and behaviour, leaders within the organisation can actually help by directing the employees by example and also guide them in making all kinds of decisions possible and in ethical ways. Ethics in leadership within a business is one of the most important things when it comes to the smooth working of a business. Running a business in an ethical manner is undoubtedly important, and it is also something that holds the bond between individuals and the entire management team. It also creates proper stability within the very company itself.

Working In Business


When it comes to ethics between employees, management is actually responsible for this. The employees need to know how they should be ethical. They should be given a set of rules and regulations that they have to follow. Employees actually make much better decisions in less time with a business ethics as a proper guiding principle. This also increases productivity and the overall morale of the employees. Employees complete the work in ways that are based on integrity and honesty, as well—the entire organisation benefits from this. Employees who work for companies that demand a high standard of business ethics are more likely to perform their jobs properly and at a higher level of discussion and quality. They also stay inclined to be completely loyal to the business.

Business ethics actually vary from industry to another industry. It also varies from one nation to another nation. The entire nature of the business and its operations have a proper influence on the ethical issues which must be looked into. An appropriate example of industry-specific business ethics exists in the field of energy. Companies that happen to produce energy, nonrenewable energy particularly, face a lot of under landed scrutiny on how they treat the environment. They are companies that require a lot of business ethics to function properly.

A good Lawyer is critical during a divorce

Lawyer listening to a divorced couple

Apart from the passing away of a partner, going through a divorce can be among the most world-altering, negative periods in a person’s life. Also since we are in a business world, bad divorces can end up very ugly for your financials, so it’s crucial getting hold of a good divorce lawyer and is often difficult because when the moment comes that you need to look for them, you often have a lot of additional headaches to handle at the same time.
The lawyer you end up choosing is going to stand by your side for up to a year or more (if you’re unlucky), and this makes it critical that you find the best divorce lawyer you can. This will make the whole situation easier to bear for you and your loved ones.

In order for you to find expert help when you need it, we have listed five critical things you should look for in order to get a good lawyer during your divorce:

Divorce lawyer listening to a upset woman

  1. Excellent Communication Skills

Having straightforward and simple communication with your lawyer will be of great help. Throughout your divorce, you’ll have to speak out your worries and wanted outcomes to the lawyer, and they have to talk to you in a way you understand the topic of your divorce. If the lawyer isn’t able to see your viewpoint clearly or say things in simple terms you are able to wrap your mind around, it’s best to move on to another candidate.

Though it can appear to work against you, the best-case scenario would be if your lawyer can communicate effectively with both your previous partner and their lawyer, since this can make the case less costly, and feel less hurt. The best lawyers are the ones who attempt to solve the divorce case before it has even begun. Naturally, this requires your partner and their lawyer to be able to communicate calmly and effectively as well.

If things should go as far as to the court, your lawyer has to possess the ability to speak your case clearly and convincingly. When they do, they will often manage to explain your interests well and win over the head and heart of the judge (perhaps not quite like what you see in some movies, but a more realistic version of it).

  1. Competence and Training

It’s important to find a lawyer who won’t just speak your case but speak it excellently. If they’re going to do this, they must of course be very competent at their craft. Your case will possibly revolve around all the different parts of your life, for example, your family, economy, work, plans after work, etc. To make sure you get the most out of the case, your lawyer needs to have the knowledge and training to handle all the variables in your case. But they should also make it possible for you to live like you normally do during the case period.

When looking for a good attorney, you should follow the principle of specificity: you should choose a lawyer who has handled a lot of similar cases, i.e. cases around divorce. Investigate their main work area and the results they have gotten there before you make the leap and decide on a lawyer.

  1. Accessibility

When thinking about what divorce lawyer to hire, try to find one who is accessible during the critical phases of your case. They need to be able to answer your queries promptly, and if they can’t answer immediately, to give you a realistic time frame upfront within which you can await a response.

It’s also important to find an attorney who isn’t drowning in the cases of other customers but has enough time to dedicate themselves quite strongly to yours. It’s not realistic to think you should be their only customer, but just make sure you’re not drowning in a pool of them.

  1. Calmness (i.e. Being Tilt-Proof)

When it comes to your lawyer’s capacity for remaining calm, we’re not only referring to how they should speak clearly and simply to you, but how they need to be able to remain tilt-proof despite facing some extremely annoying lawyers on the other side of the case. You need to find a divorce lawyer who can be passionate about presenting your case, but who won’t become visibly angry when things don’t go their way.

Unexpected incidents do occur in divorces since you aren’t capable of knowing exactly what your partner and their lawyer will say or do. Your lawyer needs to know this, and thereby know that they can’t win every case, but will do everything they possibly can to do so.

  1. Help and Resources

You won’t probably be your lawyer’s only customer, and since they’re just a normal person like any other, they won’t be constantly accessible whenever you have a query to pose. Therefore you should find a lawyer who’s got help and resources to count on in times of need. This way, you will feel safe that your lawyer isn’t a one-man mountain who tackles everything by himself, but has a support team around him which makes his work a lot easier to manage.

After reading this article, you should know why a good divorce lawyer is critical during a divorce, and how to find them. There are countless websites on which to compare and choose among every kind of lawyer you could need. Expert help like Advokat Stavanger could be just a few minutes or hours away.

Business Ethics And Its Importance

Business Ethics

Business ethics happens to be the study of proper and appropriate policies of the business and also the practises when it comes to potentially controversial subjects which include corporate policies, governance, liberty, bribery, insider trading, discrimination, corporate social responsibility and all kinds of fiduciary responsibilities as well.

The law also states and says that business ethics is something that every single business should follow. All businesses should follow basic guideline so that you can gain the approval of the public.

Business ethics also refers to the implementation of appropriate business policies and practises which the employees have to follow. It is usually about arguable and controversial topics. Some issues which come up in a discussion of ethics would include the above things that I have stated.

Business ethics

Business ethics also ensures that a certain basic level of trust would exist between the consumers and also all kinds of market participants within the businesses. A portfolio manager should actually give the same consideration to the portfolios of family members as other individual investors as well. This is a really good example. These kinds of practices basically ensure that the public would receive proper and fair treatment. It ensures that there is no partiality.

The very concept of business ethics initially began in the 1960s because corporations started becoming very aware of the rising customer based society and also, they started showing concern about the environment, corporate responsibility and all kinds of social causes. This kind of increased focus on the social issues was definitely a hallmark of the decade. Since the time period that I am talking about, the very concept of business ethics has evolved and become something huge. Business ethics actually goes beyond a moral code of right and wrong. It also attempts to reconcile some things that companies do illegally. Business ethics strives to stop the illegal activities that most companies conduct. It’s on display is a virtue in a lot of ways. It is meant to ensure a certain level of trust between the corporations, the customers and even inside the business.


When we are talking about preventing unethical kind of behaviour, we should also repair the negative side effects. Companies actually look for managers and employees who always report these kinds of instances and people who can observe and report. Some barriers within the company culture itself require some reporting and investigation. Business ethics will tend to do an excellent job in such places.

Some companies fear retaliation on the part of the employees. That is why, most companies make the employees sign a waiver before they are hired. You need to sign certain documents, before you start working for a company.