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In this detailed guide, I will be talking all about dividends. Dividend happens to be the distribution of some of the companies earnings to a portion of its shareholders, which is determined by the board of directors of the company. The common shareholders of the dividend-paying companies are actually eligible as long as they on some of the stock of the company, before the ex-dividend date. The dividends can also be paid out in cash or in the form of the stock of the company. 50% of the people choose the payouts in cash, while the other 50% of individuals want to play it a little smarter and ask for a stock of the company, if the company is doing really well. In the long term, if the company is incredibly successful, if we are talking about companies like Disney, Pixar, Apple, Google and more, the people would end up making a lot more money if they sell the stock that they have received.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, online companies became really successful, because they run with the help of the internet and millions of people started depending on the internet for many more things. One of the companies that benefited from this was Amazon.

Dividends are payments which are made by the publicly listed companies. It is like a reward to the investors for putting in the money so that the company can grow. When dividends are announced, it is generally accompanied by some proportional increase or decrease in the stock price of the company.


I will make you understand a little bit more about dividends. Dividends must actually be approved by the particular shareholders through votes. They can vote on it. Even though cash dividends are insured the common, dividends can and will be issued in the form of stocks or in rare cases, other properties as well. Some companies give out land or buildings. At this point, I am sure you have understood that a dividend is basically a token reward which is given to the shareholders. A dividend always originates from the net profits that the company has made. Significant portions of the profits are kept by the company so that they can grow even more. A business is always looking to grow and get bigger. In a lot of cases, companies may actually make some dividend payments even when they do not make the required amount of profits, because they want to keep their shareholders interested. They do so to specifically maintain the established track record that they have.

The board of directors have the power to choose to issue these dividends over various periods of time or with different payment rates. In some companies, it is scheduled annually, and in some, it is quarterly.