Landles Cobb, Libbie

Libbie Landles-Cobb is a manager in The Bridgespan Group’s San Francisco office. She has worked with a variety of nonprofits, national networks, and foundations on issues of strategy and organizational development. As part of Bridgespan’s Leadership Practice, she leads research on what is required to effectively develop the nonprofit leaders. She also is a facilitator and coach in Bridgespan’s leadership development program, Leading for Impact. Libbie is co-author of "Boosting Nonprofit Performance Where it Counts," Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2014.

Posts by Landles Cobb, Libbie

  • To Solve the Succession Crisis, Invest in Homegrown Leaders (11.19.15 )

    By Libbie Landles-Cobb, Kirk Kramer, and Katie Smith Milway, The Bridgespan Group The social sector faces a crisis in succession planning. In a 2015 survey of 438 nonprofit C-suite executives, we found that top talent is leaving at an alarming rate. Over the past two years, one in four C-suite leaders departed, and nearly as […]

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