Whitehead, Anita

Anita Whitehead is a Managing Director with KPMG's Development and Exempt Organizations practice. Based in Washington, DC, she assists global commercial organizations strategize their philanthropic vision and manage the legacy they wish to leave behind. KPMG's DEO professionals are uniquely familiar with the trends affecting corporate responsibility, corporate philanthropy and charitable activities - including tax compliance services related to giving within the commercial environment.

Posts by Whitehead, Anita

  • Preparing for New Requirements Under the Chinese Law on the Activities of Foreign NGOs (12.13.16 )

    By Anita Whitehead In April 2016, the government of the People’s Republic of China passed new legislation that will regulate the activities of foreign NGOs operating in the country. The Chinese Ministry of Public Security held a briefing meeting with the embassies of several countries in Shanghai on November 9 to introduce the law and […]

  • Are Civil Society Organizations at Risk? (09.14.16 )

    By Anita Whitehead, Managing Director, and Tim Stiles, Partner, KPMG LLP Restrictions on civil society and foundations have become increasingly widespread. In the last year alone, civil society organizations (CSOs) in over 100 countries experienced serious threats to one or more civic freedoms. A variety of complex factors have driven this trend, impacting how CSOs […]

  • Proposed NGO Regulations in China and India (06.24.15 )

    By Anita Whitehead, Managing Director, and Tim Stiles, Partner, KPMG LLP International grants, domestic funding and impact investments are vital for the strengthening of civil society. Yet, an increasing number of countries are drafting legislation that imposes greater scrutiny on non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This update focuses on two of those countries, China, and India.

  • Updated Understanding of the India Companies Act (03.03.15 )

    By Anita Whitehead, Managing Director, KPMG LLP On April 1, 2014, the India Companies Act went into effect, including requirements for corporate social responsibility (CSR) contributions in the country. For a while, several questions regarding what constituted a CSR activity remained, but clarifications have been released. Here, we consider developments since the initiation of the […]

  • The India Companies Act 2013: What You Should Know (07.25.14 )

    By Anita Whitehead, Managing Director, KPMG LLP The India Companies Act 2013 requires companies to spend 2 percent of profits stemming from their Indian businesses on corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in India. It also requires companies to establish a board-approved CSR policy and a board-level CSR committee. However, a number of questions remain about […]

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