Heller, John

John Heller is the Senior Director, Consulting Services at Synergos. He leads our efforts to partner with global corporations to build sustainable businesses and create social impact.

Previously he served as our Senior Director, Partnerships, where he was instrumental in the creation of a growing portfolio of inclusive partnership initiatives; examples include the African Public Health Leadership & Systems Innovation Initiative in Namibia, the Partnership for Child Nutrition in India, and the Aboriginal Multi-Stakeholder Leadership Initiative in Canada. Prior to heading the Partnerships Program, Heller directed the Synergos Senior Fellowship program, a global service and learning initiative for senior-level social leaders from around the world; he also led efforts to strengthen civil society organizations in Southeast Asia.

Prior to joining Synergos, Mr. Heller worked with the Council on International Educational Exchange, the Open Society Institute, the Population and Community Development Association and with his own family's commercial real estate firm. He served for two years as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Thailand working on village-level income generation, nutrition and sanitation projects. Heller speaks fluent Thai and Spanish and holds a BA in Sociology from Haverford College and an MA in International Affairs from Columbia University.

Posts by Heller, John

  • Ten Lessons on Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships (07.21.15 )

    By John Heller, Senior Director, The Synergos Institute “Partnership” is among the most over-used and least well-defined words in the English language. To get anything done these days, we are all supposed to be working in partnership. What does it all mean and what’s the use of all this partnering? And if we are going […]

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