Zolnierkiewicz, Teresa

Teresa Zolnierkiewicz is Head of Philanthropy Segment, ANZ Global Wealth. Teresa has over 12 years' experience as a philanthropic adviser and runs a strategic advice service at ANZ Private to help clients develop giving plans. Teresa is also developing innovative digital solutions for customers in Australia and Asia that truly connect people with giving.
During her career Teresa has advised on the distribution of over $800 million to charity, providing strategic advice to a number of Australia's major philanthropists and foundations. Currently she is on a mission to grow the culture of philanthropy in Australia and Asia, working to help all ANZ Wealth customers engage and find joy and satisfaction in smart giving that aligns with their values.

ANZ is one of the world’s top 15 banks with over 47,000 people working in 33 geographies. ANZ Wealth provides insurance, investment, superannuation and private banking solutions to over two million customers Australia, New Zealand and Asia. ANZ Wealth manages approximately $62 billion in investment and retirement savings and approximately $2 billion in in-force risk premiums

Posts by Zolnierkiewicz, Teresa

  • For the Love of… Why Philanthropy Should Support the Arts (02.24.16 )

    By Teresa Zolnierkiewicz, Head of Philanthropy Segment, ANZ Global Wealth As a philanthropy adviser, I am often asked why philanthropy should support the arts, when there are many other urgent and practical causes.  I think there is an easy utilitarian equation that is often formed around philanthropy (see, for example, this Giving Thoughts Q&A with Peter […]

  • Quiet Revolution: How Millennials Are Changing Giving (08.20.15 )

    By Teresa Zolnierkiewicz, Head of Philanthropy Segment, ANZ Global Wealth Millennials are challenging the “me-gen” label by blending their careers with their desire to give back to society. And they are leading a quiet revolution in giving. This is the generation that reinvented much of what we once took for granted, like how we watch […]

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