Covey, Nic

Nic Covey is a member of The Demand Institute’s senior leadership team and has responsibility for leading all United Nations relationships for both The Demand Institute and Nielsen, worldwide. He is spearheading Project 8: an innovative public-private partnership that will ultimately help governments, NGOs, foundations and the global business community prepare to meet the basic human needs of a planet containing 8 billion people by 2030.

Posts by Covey, Nic

  • Project 8 Seeks to Anticipate the Needs of 8 Billion People and Beyond (05.12.15 )

    By Nic Covey, Executive Director, Project 8 Preparing for our civilization’s future is more challenging than ever given accelerating demands on the planet’s resources. Consider that between now and 2030 we expect that worldwide population will increase from 7 billion to over 8 billion people, life expectancies will continue to rise, over 500 million people […]

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