Kasper, Gabriel

Gabriel Kasper is a senior manager at the Monitor Institute, a consultancy and think tank focused on philanthropy and social change that operates as part of Deloitte Consulting LLP. He has spent nearly two decades thinking about the future of philanthropy and helping funders develop new approaches to increase their effectiveness in a rapidly changing global context. He has led numerous national initiatives focused on innovation and emerging philanthropic practices, and has co-authored the Monitor Institute publications What’s Next for Philanthropy, On the Brink of New Promise, Intentional Innovation, and Working Wikily. Prior to joining the Monitor Institute, Gabriel served as a program officer at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and as a manager of neighborhood programs at the Berkeley Community Fund.

Posts by Kasper, Gabriel

  • The Re-Emerging Art of Funding Innovation (04.08.14 )

    By Gabriel Kasper, Senior Manager, and Justin Marcoux, Senior Consultant, Monitor Institute As philanthropy has gotten more strategic over the last decade, many foundations have begun to lose their appetite for risk and experimentation. But a small number of funders have begun to intentionally seek out and support high-risk, high-reward innovations with the potential to […]

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