Elizabeth Ghaffari

Elizabeth Ghaffari is the founder, president and CEO of Technology Place Inc., a California-based company that provides technical consulting services for business clients in need of successful e-business strategies and enhanced electronic communications with customers and business partners.

She is the principal in charge of developing client corporate online business strategies and design of creative Web pages for large and small businesses.

Champion Boards is a service of Technology Place Inc. that fosters the design of great boards of directors through knowledge and information, with a special emphasis on the advancement of top level women in their pursuit of boards of director roles at major corporate and private entities.

She is on the board of Pacific Coast Regional Corp., a Small Business Development Corporation certified by the U.S. Treasury as a Community Development Finance Institution.

She founded Technology Place Inc. after a successful career as a consultant in private industry working for the data processing and operations centers of major California financial institutions. In that capacity, she was responsible for innovative project development, end-user computing systems and support services, and the design and implementation of remote work communications services. She also managed consultant teams which provided implementation planning, guidance and support to the application development staff.

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