Allie Rutherford

Allie Rutherford is the leader of Ernst & Young’s America’s LLP’s Corporate Governance Center, which provides thought leadership and company-level analysis that offer a balanced perspective on corporate governance trends, leading practices and the impact of governance decisions on shareholder actions and proxy voting. The group maintains relationships with outside governance organizations and engages in ongoing dialogue with members of the investor and governance community to support its work.
Allie has spent 15 years researching and advising on corporate governance matters. Prior to joining Ernst & Young LLP, Allie served as Vice President of Research for PROXY Governance, and before that she served as Deputy Director, Governance Research, at the Investor Responsibility Research Center. Allie has written articles for various publications on corporate governance and related trends, focusing on executive compensation, succession planning, board structure and composition, and shareholder resolutions. In 2008, Allie was named a “Rising Star of Corporate Governance” by the Millstein Center for Corporate Governance at the Yale University School of Management.

Posts by Allie Rutherford

  • How Today’s Investors are Framing Conversations on Corporate Sustainability (04.24.13 )

    By Allie Rutherford, Leader, Corporate Governance Center, Ernst & Young Last week, Ernst & Young released a new report, How today’s investors are framing conversations on corporate sustainability. As the report shows, investors are continuing to demonstrate a strong interest in environmental and social (E+S) topics through the submission and support of shareholder proposals and through […]