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  • In search of effective board assessment programs (06.13.17 )

    By John Morrow Most major U.S. public companies have an annual assessment process. For many, the process is pretty basic and routine with a checklist that never changes. It has become a necessary evil – a mindless process – that directors know they have to live through every year. For some, it doesn’t mean anything. […]

  • The Conference Board/Millstein Center General Counsel Summit highlights available (05.11.17 )

    The Conference Board Governance Center and the Millstein Center for Global Markets and Corporate Ownership at Columbia Law School recently released the highlights of a Summit they co-sponsored on Short-Termism and Public Trust. The report from the Summit, which was held September 27, 2016 at Columbia University, includes highlights of the group’s discussions on short-termism […]

  • What causes corporate directors to overreach their fiduciary responsibilities? (04.25.17 )

    By Patrick R. Dailey, Ph.D. Present-day corporate directors are being equipped by governance educators, driven by regulators, and pressured by activists to be more actively engaged in pursuing their fiduciary and governance responsibilities. They are encouraged not to be simply fiduciary custodians of the interests of shareholders but active leaders with specialized knowledge of risks […]

  • Why corporate governance failures continue (04.17.17 )

    By Frederick D. Lipman, Esq In 2012, I wrote a Director Notes publication for The Conference Board entitled “From Enron to Lehman Brothers:  Lessons for Boards from Recent Corporate Governance Failures.”  It included a review of independent investigative reports, books and articles on various financial disasters, including Enron, AIG and Lehman Brothers and noted the presence of […]

  • What Every Board Member and C-Suite Executive Should Know About Transforming Sustainability into Business Strategy (03.27.17 )

    By Terry F. Yosie A growing number of the world’s largest companies are turning to “sustainability” as a strategic lens to help anticipate and navigate the complexity of the international economy, meet the expanding expectations of a growing global middle class, and manage the heightened risks to their businesses from environmental and social disruptions. As […]