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  • Which Dodd-Frank rules will stay? Which ones will go? (02.13.17 )

    By Gary Larkin, Research Associate, The Conference Board Governance Center With a flurry of executive orders in his first two weeks in office, President Trump made one thing absolutely clear. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act passed by Democrats in 2010 will soon be reformed itself by the current Republican majority. But […]

  • How Did we Get Here? The Committee on Corporate Political Spending has Answers (02.02.17 )

    As President Trump—the first sitting executive of a company to become commander in chief— begins to roll out his agenda, many in political circles are asking the question, “how did we get here?” Prior to Election Day, The Conference Board’s Governance Center held a meeting of its Corporate Political Spending Committee in Washington, D.C., that […]

  • How Good is Gender Diversity for Boards? (01.27.17 )

    Is it good business for companies to add women to their boards? That is the question two professors—one from Pace University and another from USC—attempted to answer in The Conference Board’s latest Director Notes publication. The report, entitled “The Effect of Gender Diversity on Board Decision-making: Interviews with Board Members and Stakeholders,” investigates the argument […]

  • The Materiality Gap between Investors, the C-suite and Board (01.25.17 )

    By Judy McLevey, former Associate Director, The Conference Board Governance Center Investors, the C-suite and boards have different views about what is, or should be, considered material information. A company’s financial results would be considered material by all parties. Based on SEC rules, companies are required to provide updates on their financial results on a […]

  • Universal proxy roundtable highlights publication and primer available (01.19.17 )

    While many Americans are focused on what a Trump administration will mean for such issues as healthcare, immigration, and gender diversity, those in the governance community are also concerned about the fate of the many Dodd-Frank Act rules enacted during the Obama administration and the possibility of mandatory use of universal proxy cards in contested […]