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  • Board Oversight of Long-Term Value Creation and Preservation (08.16.17 )

      Download the current issue of Director Notes, entitled “Board Oversight of Long-Term Value Creation and Preservation: What needs to change?” Enterprise risk management (ERM) stemmed from the laws and regulations of the last decade, with their focus on protecting the public and preserving shareholder value. It is rooted in a cautious approach of value […]

  • The recent ransomware attacks are a call to action for boards (08.07.17 )

    It has been a busy few months. The WannaCry ransomware attack made big news in May, raising a lot of antennas. Everybody waited for more shoes to drop from the leaked NSA hacking tools ransomware imageand indeed more attacks came. The Petya ransomware variant (AKA “NotPetya”) caused significant damage to global companies. These attacks are the next level in a series of events over the past year that need to be a call to action for corporate directors charged with overseeing the health of their companies.

  • Activist Insight: The Conference Board proxy advisor report ‘a little harsh’ (08.02.17 )

    “Just What Is the Corporate Director’s Job?” That is a question The Conference Board’s Governance Center is in the midst of posing to different groups of stakeholders over the next two years.

  • The latest corporate governance research from The Conference Board (07.19.17 )

    Over the past three weeks, The Conference Board has released three corporate governance-related reports. They focus on such issues as CEO succession, board refreshment, gender diversity, and tenure as well as corporate political contribution disclosure. These come on the heels of The Conference Board Governance Center’s release of Just What Is the Corporate Director’s Job? […]

  • In search of effective board assessment programs (06.13.17 )

    By John Morrow Most major U.S. public companies have an annual assessment process. For many, the process is pretty basic and routine with a checklist that never changes. It has become a necessary evil – a mindless process – that directors know they have to live through every year. For some, it doesn’t mean anything. […]