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  • What causes corporate directors to overreach their fiduciary responsibilities? (04.25.17 )

    By Patrick R. Dailey, Ph.D. Present-day corporate directors are being equipped by governance educators, driven by regulators, and pressured by activists to be more actively engaged in pursuing their fiduciary and governance responsibilities. They are encouraged not to be simply fiduciary custodians of the interests of shareholders but active leaders with specialized knowledge of risks […]

  • Why corporate governance failures continue (04.17.17 )

    By Frederick D. Lipman, Esq In 2012, I wrote a Director Notes publication for The Conference Board entitled “From Enron to Lehman Brothers:  Lessons for Boards from Recent Corporate Governance Failures.”  It included a review of independent investigative reports, books and articles on various financial disasters, including Enron, AIG and Lehman Brothers and noted the presence of […]

  • What Every Board Member and C-Suite Executive Should Know About Transforming Sustainability into Business Strategy (03.27.17 )

    By Terry F. Yosie A growing number of the world’s largest companies are turning to “sustainability” as a strategic lens to help anticipate and navigate the complexity of the international economy, meet the expanding expectations of a growing global middle class, and manage the heightened risks to their businesses from environmental and social disruptions. As […]

  • Does your Board Lead or Spectate When it Comes to Strategic Transformation? (03.09.17 )

    By Patrick Dailey and Joel Koblentz Transformation is one of the most challenging competencies a board must master. McKinsey & Co. estimates that 70 percent of transformations fail to achieve their objectives. Yet board and management teams instinctively know, change is unavoidable and transformation is compulsory. Companies including Macy’s, JC Penney, The Limited, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, […]

  • Q&A with Katie Paine: How to Prepare for a Trump ‘Tweetstorm’ (03.06.17 )

    By Gary Larkin, Research Associate, The Conference Board As I have researched the impact of social media attacks on public companies— namely the recent campaign by President Trump—I have discovered that good advice is hard to find on this matter. That’s why I reached out to Katie Delahaye Paine, a pioneer in the field of […]