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  • Five Sure Shot Business Investments for the Future (11.06.12 )

    This past year has been a revealing one. Many businesses, struggling with the sputter and stall of the global economy, have started to realize an unsympathetic truth. This economic situation doesn’t represent a temporary, recessionary valley between two growth peaks. It is a plateau – a new normal. Look around you and the evidence is in plain […]

  • Putting It All Together: Why Banks Should Self-Regulate (10.21.12 )

    Over the past several blogs I have published on the Governance Center Blog, I’ve described a number of different factors that came together to influence the new banking sector culture. I started with the rise of the shareholder value movement, which encouraged organizations to think exclusively about one group of stakeholders, while minimizing the importance […]

  • The Perils of Compensation Benchmarking (10.14.12 )

    In the last four blogs, I outlined how a series of, apparently, unconnected issues combined to generate “cultural” issues within the banking sector that led to the current low esteem of the finance industry. There are always unintended and often undesirable consequences resulting from almost any action and when there are multiple actions the risk […]

  • The Rise of the Superstar CEO: Are They The New American Idols? (10.07.12 )

    Throughout my past few blogs, I detailed how certain events combined and interacted with one another to give rise to “cultural” issues within the banking sector that led to the downfall of the finance industry. Since there are always undesirable consequences resulting from almost any action, I felt that to take a closer look at […]

  • The Factors That Shaped Culture Change in Banks (09.30.12 )

    In my last two blogs, “The Rise of ‘Shareholder Value’ and its Unintended Consequences” and “Banking Scandals – Causes and Cures,” I demonstrated how “shareholder value” became the primary measure of management success, and some of the consequences that had on the design of long-term incentive compensation plans. But, there were other factors that shaped […]

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