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Employee Advocacy and Customer Engagement: A “How to Guide” from Leading Brands

By Alex Parkinson250x25021

Employee advocacy programs are one of the fastest-growing trends in social media marketing. In our recent SNCR 2020 article, Employees as Brand Ambassadors: The State of Employee Advocacy, Jen McClure and I noted that 56 percent of companies have an employee advocacy program and of the remaining companies, 24 percent said they were launching one in 2016. Many companies are empowering their employees to use social media to enhance the company’s brand, improve customer engagement, reach new audiences, engage in “social selling,” and to attract and retain employees.

Join us for our seminar, Employee Advocacy and Customer Engagement: A “How to Guide” from Leading Brands, on September 27th in San Francisco where you will learn about the most effective way to design, implement and measure your employee advocacy programs. Gain valuable insights from industry leaders on how employee advocacy can be rolled out across the entire enterprise,  and what that means for customer engagement and ultimately, revenue.

Speakers at the event include:

  • Lauren Friedman, Head of Social Business Enablement, Adobe
  • Julie Cochran, Global Social Media Lead, FedEx
  • Phyllis Welsh, Employee Advocacy Lead, 3M
  • Jen McClure, Program Director, The Conference Board; CEO, JEM Consulting.

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