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David Callahan is founder and editor of Inside Philanthropy. Previously, he co-founded Demos, a national think tank. He is best known as the author of the books The Cheating Culture and The Moral Center.

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  • Q&A with David Callahan: Speak Truth to Money (08.26.14 )

    By Alex Parkinson, Research Associate, The Conference Board, and David Callahan, Founder and Editor, Inside Philanthropy The donor-recipient power dynamic is often one sided, with rich organizations wielding the influence over their nonprofit partners. In one of my first posts on Giving Thoughts late last year, I posed the question of whether nonprofits ever have […]

2015 Giving in Numbers Survey

Take part in the 2015 Giving in Numbers survey, conducted by CECP in association with The Conference Board. Giving in Numbers is the leading benchmark on corporate philanthropy. Each year, around 250 companies participate in our research. If your company has more than $2 billion in revenue, please help us grow our survey by participating this year.

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