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Director Notes: Corporate Social Responsibility in India

By Melissa Aguilar, Researcher, The Conference Board

In a July Giving Thoughts post, KPMG’s Anita Whitehead highlighted some of the finer details of the revisions to the India Companies Act and what they mean for corporate social responsibility (CSR) in India. There is little coverage of the benefits and drawbacks of mandatory CSR requirements such as those introduced in India. But the latest edition of Giving Thoughts’ sister publication, Director Notes, attempts to change that. The publication is available as a free PDF download.

Entitled “Corporate Social Responsibility in India”, this edition of Director Notes is authored by Afra Afsharipour, professor of law and Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall Research Scholar at University of California, Davis School of law, and Shruti Rana, associate professor of law at the University of Maryland Law School.

Introduction from “Corporate Social Responsibility in India”

In an era of financial crises, widening income disparities, and environmental and other calamities linked to some corporations, calls around the world for greater corporate social responsibility (CSR) are increasing rapidly. Unlike the United States and other major players in the global arena, which have largely emphasized voluntary approaches to the adoption and spread of CSR, India has chosen to pursue a mandatory CSR approach. This report discusses India’s emerging CSR regime and its potential strengths and weaknesses.

About Director Notes

Founded in 2010 by Matteo Tonello, Director Notes is an online publication series in which The Conference Board engages experts from several disciplines of business leadership (including corporate governance, risk oversight, and sustainability) in an open dialogue about topical issues of concern to member companies. Subscribe to Director Notes for free by clicking here.

About the Executive Editor

Melissa Aguilar

Melissa Aguilar
The Conference Board

Melissa Aguilar is a researcher in the corporate leadership department at The Conference Board in New York. Her research focuses on corporate governance and risk issues, including succession planning, enterprise risk management, and shareholder activism. Aguilar serves as executive editor of Director Notes, a bimonthly online publication published by The Conference Board for corporate board members and business executives that covers issues such as governance, risk, and sustainability. She is also the author of The Conference Board Proxy Voting Fact Sheet and co-author of CEO Succession Practices.

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