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What Makes a Leader Highly Engaging in the Digital Age?

If digital transformation is a top priority for your organization in 2017, you may be overlooking a critical factor to success: engagement. Because digital transformation within an organization requires systemic, enterprise-wide change, everyone at every level—from the mail room to the C-Suite—needs to feel motivated and empowered to make that change.

Research by The Conference Board shows that in highly engaged organizations, leaders at all levels are able to foster a strong sense of purpose, pride, passion, and personal fit in their workforce. For example, they provide a sense of meaning and direction (purpose) by developing a compelling vision and communicate that vision in a way that others can see and want to follow. They foster pride by setting high standards and empowering employees, inspire passion by challenging the status quo and encouraging innovation, and unlock each individual’s potential (personal fit) by driving development and growth.

Leaders who create such a richly engaging environment share 12 specific behaviors, which are the core elements of their leadership DNA.

Figure-4-12-Critical-Behaviors-CM-DT02 (2)


Learn how to foster engagement in your workforce: Download The DNA of Engagement report by The Conference Board .

This blog post is part two of a four-part series, The Future of Digital Transformation and Innovation. Join us next week to find out what young workers are looking for in the workplace.

For more on what digital transformation means for your business, download the report, Beyond Technology: Building a New Organizational Culture to Succeed in an Era of Digital Transformation. You can also download keynote summaries from the unConference to learn more about transforming your organization, and find invaluable research and insight from The Conference Board.

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