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What Young Workers Want—5 Expectations in the Digital Age

Making any big organization-wide change is challenging and bringing digital transformation to a company or institution is no exception. Knowing your employees helps when asking them to make changes, which is why understanding millennials and their expectations is critical.

Research from The Conference Board shows these five factors are high on the list for job seeking millennials:

  • Most of today’s workforce belongs to an aware, mobile, and highly connected generation, and expectations are high.
  • Prospective employees and incumbents want a consumer-grade experience.
  • People who work remotely want to easily stay connected to their organizations.
  • They want social collaboration in addition to working teams and affinity groups.
  • They want to do work the way they want to and where they want to.

Source: The Conference Board, Innovation Webcast Series, Innovation & Employee Engagement in the Digital Workspace, April 2016.

This blog post is part three of a four-part series, The Future of Digital Transformation and Innovation. Join us next week to find out why diversity and inclusion are so critical to innovation.

Download the full report, Beyond Technology: Building a New Organizational Culture to Succeed in an Era of Digital Transformation. You can also download keynote summaries from the unConference to learn more about transforming your organization, and find invaluable research and insight from The Conference Board.

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