Alex Parkinson

Alex Parkinson is a Research Associate in the Corporate Leadership division of The Conference Board. He specializes in corporate philanthropy and sustainability, and is currently building his research portfolio focusing on social impact measurement and social impact bonds. Alex is Executive Editor of Giving Thoughts, a blog and online publication series addressing topical corporate philanthropy issues.

Before joining The Conference Board in September 2013, Alex worked as a Senior Consultant in London and New York for corporate social responsibility (CSR) consultancy Context. He has advised some of the world’s leading multinationals on CSR communications and strategy development. His clients included Bloomberg, Brown-Forman, BSkyB, Burt's Bees, Cisco, HP, International Paper, PepsiCo, Roche, Standard Chartered, Syngenta, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Vodafone.

Alex spent two years after graduating university working as a reporter and sub-editor for UK-based financial media companies VRL KnowledgeBank and Vitesse Media. His stories appeared in publications including Business XL, Information Age, International Accounting Bulletin, The Accountant, and What Investment.

Alex holds a BSc in Economics and International Development from the University of Bath, United Kingdom.

Posts by Alex Parkinson

  • Q&A with Amanda MacArthur: Leadership Development with Social Impact (07.08.14 )

    By Alex Parkinson, Research Associate, The Conference Board, and Amanda MacArthur, Vice President of Global Pro Bono, PYXERA Global Corporations operate employee volunteering programs all over the world, but often they are sporadic, limited initiatives. PYXERA Global helps companies send employees on skills-based assignments with nonprofit and government partners, small- to medium-sized businesses, universities, associations, […]

  • New Giving Thoughts Series Article: Defining Impact (07.01.14 )

    By Alex Parkinson, Research Associate, The Conference Board The latest edition of the Giving Thoughts series, entitled “Defining Impact,” is now available for download. Click here to access the free PDF. The piece continues with the theme of social impact measurement, addressing the importance of establishing a clear definition of impact. The Conference Board has […]

  • Second Chance to Watch the Corporate Philanthropy and Social Impact Bonds Webcast (06.27.14 )

    By Alex Parkinson, Research Associate, The Conference Board Our special KnowlEdge Series webcast on corporate philanthropy and social impact bonds (SIBs) is now available on demand for members of The Conference Board. Watch a highlight below, or view the full webcast here. For more on SIBs, watch for my upcoming report, due out later this […]

  • Webcast: What Social Impact Bonds Mean for Corporate Philanthropy (06.06.14 )

    By Alex Parkinson, Research Associate, The Conference Board In anticipation of a new report from The Conference Board on social impact bonds, which will be published this summer, I will be hosting a webcast on Wednesday, June 11, featuring three experts in the field. The webcast is free to members of The Conference Board. Click […]

  • Insight Minute: Social Impact Bonds (05.22.14 )

    By Alex Parkinson, Research Associate, The Conference Board In the May edition of The Conference Board Insight Minute, I provide a quick overview of social impact bonds, and what to expect from my forthcoming report. Click on the video below to find out more.

  • Corporate Giving and Revenues Rise Together (05.20.14 )

    By Alex Parkinson, Research Associate, The Conference Board From 2010 to 2013, the majority of companies—64 percent—increased their community investments, driven by improved business performance and underpinned by noncash giving. These are the initial findings from the latest Giving in Numbers survey, carried out by CECP in association with The Conference Board.

  • What Do the Changes to the Peterborough Social Impact Bond Mean for the Model? (05.06.14 )

    By Alex Parkinson, Research Associate, The Conference Board The UK Ministry of Justice (MoJ) last week announced that the Peterborough Prison social impact bond (SIB)—the first SIB in existence—will not be carried through to its full term, because the MoJ will be introducing country-wide reforms to probation and rehabilitation services in the United Kingdom at […]

  • Is the Impact Genome Project the Answer to the Big Data Question? (04.28.14 )

    By Alex Parkinson, Research Associate, The Conference Board The nonprofit sector is frantically trying to make sense of big data. In particular, it’s trying to understand how it can benefit from this onslaught of information in the same way that the for-profit sector seems to be. The best we’ve managed so far is some shrewd […]

  • Webcast on Demand: 501(c)’s and the Proposed Political Activity Rules (04.10.14 )

    By Alex Parkinson, Research Associate, The Conference Board If you missed The Conference Board’s webcast on proposed regulatory changes for 501(c)4 organizations, also known as social welfare organizations, it is now available on demand. Members of The Conference Board can watch it for free here.

  • Last Chance to Participate in the Giving in Numbers Survey (04.01.14 )

    By Alex Parkinson, Research Associate, The Conference Board The deadline for the 2014 Giving in Numbers survey has been extended. If your company has revenue in excess of $2 billion, you still have a chance to take part.

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