Matthew Budman

Matthew Budman came to Across the Board in 1992, spending eleven years as managing editor and helping the magazine make the transition to becoming The Conference Board Review; he succeeded A.J. Vogl as editor of TCB Review in 2008. Outside of The Conference Board, he has authored two books on book collecting, edited dozens of book manuscripts, and worked at daily and weekly newspapers as a writer, copy editor, book reviewer, and theater critic. He lives in New York with his wife, political theorist Cristina Beltrán.

Posts by Matthew Budman

  • Q&A with Christine Bader: Who’s Holding You Accountable? (05.16.14 )

    By Matthew Budman, Editor-in-Chief, The Conference Board Review, and Christine Bader, Author, The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil “I don’t believe that idealism and business acumen are mutually exclusive—in fact, I think quite the opposite.” Christine Bader has spent her career at the intersection of the corporate and nonprofit worlds, aiming […]

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Take part in the 2015 Giving in Numbers survey, conducted by CECP in association with The Conference Board. Giving in Numbers is the leading benchmark on corporate philanthropy. Each year, around 250 companies participate in our research. If your company has more than $2 billion in revenue, please help us grow our survey by participating this year.

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