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Gary Wexler is the founder of Seize the Conversation Transformational Seminars. He is the Adjunct Lecturer in both Nonprofit Marketing, as well as Advertising in the Masters program at USC/Annenberg School of Communication. He has helped to market over 1000 nonprofit organizations in the US, Canada, The Caribbean, Europe, China and Israel. During his ad agency career, he created award-winning campaigns for clients ranging from Apple Computer to Coca-Cola. Read more of his work at

Posts by Gary Wexler

  • Could the Incessant Demand for Data Kill Innovation in the Nonprofit Sector? (04.03.14 )

    By Gary Wexler, Founder, Seize the Conversation Transformational Seminars, and Adjunct Lecturer in Nonprofit Marketing, Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism “Where is the data that proves your nonprofit is creating either transformation or pervasive system change?” “Show us the data that explains how many thousands upon thousands of lives have been affected by your […]

  • Funding nonprofit marketing training: a priority on the corporate philanthropy agenda (01.16.14 )

    By Gary Wexler, Founder, Seize the Conversation Transformations, and Adjunct Lecturer in Nonprofit Marketing, Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism The billions of dollars that corporations and foundations are now pouring into nonprofit causes are expected to be leveraged and create big social returns. But in addition to corporate investments being a human strategy, they […]

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