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Fact of the Week: Company-wide Day of Service is the most successful volunteer program

By Matteo Tonello, Managing Director, Corporate Leadership at The Conference Board

Research conducted by CECP, in association with The Conference Board, found that approximately half of companies (54 percent) offered a company-wide Day of Service volunteer program; however, 80 percent of those companies considered it the most successful of their volunteer programs. Dollars for Doers and Paid-Release Time came second and third respectively. Both reported slightly higher percentages of companies offering the programs, but success rates among those companies were 65 percent and 68 percent respectively. A successful volunteer program is defined by the Giving in Numbers Valuation Guide as one that is supported and understood organization-wide, and that has specific, measurable goals that are tracked, among other criteria. The survey asks companies to identify their top three most successful programs.

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The 2016 Giving in Numbers survey on 2015 contributions is now open for submissions. Click here to take part. The culminating report will be published in late 2016 by CECP, in association with The Conference Board, and will be free to the public.
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