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A recent Knowledge@Wharton piece, published on February 9, 2012, caught my eye. The piece, titled Seven Steps for Board Success in the Facebook Age, is by Barry Libert, a director, author, and social technology investor. Libert’s focus in the piece is on the board’s role in understanding, overseeing, and finding opportunities in social and mobile technologies (e.g. Facebook, Google+, etc).

Libert’s piece goes into detail on what boards can do to begin addressing the social technology skills gaps. Each “step” has an action related to it along with a source for more information. But the piece prompted several questions for me:

  1. What are the actual challenges that companies and boards are facing as it relates to social technology?
  2. What are the opportunities that companies and boards have with social technology?
  3. How do social technologies change the way a board operates and thinks about itself?

The Knowledge@Wharton article begins to answer some of these questions. But I wanted to understand the issue in more depth, so I reached out to Barry through Skype. You can listen to my conversation with him here:




This is an emerging area that we’re only just starting to understand. In the Wharton piece, Libert suggests several resources for further reading on the subject, including an article from McKinsey and another from Spencer Stuart.

Libert’s piece also prompted the question for this blog: How are companies addressing social technology? We invite you to take a brief confidential survey on the topic. In a couple of weeks, we’ll post the results with our assessment.

Click here to complete the survey

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  2. Gary Larkin says:

    Marcel: Great piece. Great idea to add the podcast. I think I may link to it in our BoardroomDirect newsletter next month. Issue is very topical for boards.

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